Kimmaree has provided one-on-one professional coaching and mentoring to individuals and as a Business Mentor for the Business Enterprise Centre in Belmont Western Australia and Sydney New South Wales.

Kimmaree’s coaching and mentoring approach is informed by Positive Psychology Principles, in particular the work of  Mihály Csíkszentmihályi and the strengths based approach championed by Marcus Buckingham.

Discover You

Discover You
Discover YouExplore behavioural and team profiling to understand your own profile & strengths
What is below he surface, what does this say about you? Many organisations are now using behavioural and personality testing to support their recruitment process. This course takes you through a range of self-assessment tests so that you will understand what type of insights prospective employers will gain when they put you through the testing process. You will gain insight into your own profile and have an informed perspective to identify your own strengths and weaknesses.
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