4P’s | Evidence Collection Methodology

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Anyone can be on-site at the time of an incident or accident, everyone could be in the first responder group.

This course provides you with the information you need to confidently undertake the task of preserving and recording major event evidence.

Including securing plant and equipment, evidence collection & preservation.

What is Included

7 video lessons (average time just over 3.5 min)
6 templates, tools and checklists to download
Personalised Certificate of Completion  (when all lessons have been marked complete)


Know how to safety secure the site at the time of an incident
Know how to undertake initial evidence preservation
Know how to systematically collect and record incident, accident and major failure evidence

Consider Full Incident Response Training Course


Training Video


Training Video + 2 Downloads
– 4P Checklist – Detail
– Fishbone Handout

Lesson 3 – 1st P – POSITION

Training Video + 1 Download
– Dropped Objects Calculator

Lesson 4 – 2nd P – PEOPLE

Training Video

Lesson 5 – 3rd P – PARTS

Training Video

Lesson 6  – 4th P – PAPER

Training Video


Training Video + 3 Downloads
– Site walkdown Checklist
– Detailed Sitewalkdown
– Search Patterns

Sample Lesson

Who should undertake this training

Everyone, as anyone can be on-site at the time of an incident, accident or major failure


There are no pre-requisites for this training

Purchase Activation Period

Click on the “Take This Course” button – after you purchase this training, your course is active in your personal root-cause-analysis.com account.  The course remains accessible for 1-year.  You can refresh your learning by re-watching lessons at any time during the 1-year activation period.  If you would like to extend your access to this course beyond 1-year you will be offered a 60% discount to extend for another 1-year.

If you would like to activate an enterprise license (multiple people able to access the training and generate individual certificates) we offer this training as either a root-cause-analysis.com Team Account (with Admin Panel for your organisation) or as a downloadable file that can be hosted on your internal computer or server.

For both training delivery methods we are able to co-brand the training with your companies logo.  The Team and Enterprise training licences are offered on a one year subscription basis.  If your organisation takes the executable downloadable file it will stop working after 365 days and you will receive a new file to download just before your subscription renewal date.

For enterprises with up to 250 employees the root-cause-analysis.com hosted version of this training -with your own Admin Panel, starts at US$400.00pa.  (+GST for Australian companies).  Administrators can invite employees to the training, monitor completion rates and generate a co-branded certificate of completion.  The downloadable self-hosted version of this training starts at US$600pa for enterprises with up to 250 employees.

If you would like to explore enterprise or team access to this training please call, email or connect via our online contact form.


After you have marked all lessons and topics as completed, you will be able to generate a certificate of completion from your root-cause-analysis.com dashboard.