REASON® Pro RCA Webinar Training

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USD$500.00 per participant 


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Current Open Course Enrollment Dates:   September 2018

This is live hosted webinar training built around the content for the 2-day REASON® Analyst on-site training course. You will learn the REASON® root cause analysis principles and then dive straight into the using the software for building case study examples.

You do not need to have a REASON® software licence to benefit from completing this root cause analysis training course.  You will receive a 1-month REASON® Pro trial when you purchase this course.

You will learn the repeatable REASON® root cause analysis questioning process that can be applied to analyse the causal structure of problems, incidents and failures as a stand alone paperbased RCA methodology or using the REASON® root cause analysis software.

This course is structured into:

  • 3 x 2.5hr Live Webinar Sessions +
  • 1 x 1hr Post-training coaching session focused on the two case study application activities
  • 1-month free trial of the REASON® Pro software for application activity practice
  • 12-months access to REASON® Pro software “Getting Started” self-paced training course
  • Immediate Download: 200-page REASON® Pro comprehensive root cause analysis methodology training manual


  • Quantify the scope of any root cause analysis, document the problem statement
  • Identify the different types of contributing causes present in every incident, accident and failure
  • Understand how different types of contributing causes interact with each other
  • Apply the repeatable REASON® causal analysis methodology to analyse the causal structure of incidents, accidents and failures
  • Apply a repeatable REASON® process to test causal logic
  • Apply the REASON® RCA questioning process, to organise the known facts & identify any missing information
  • Analyse the causal structure of incidents, accidents and failures using a repeatable structured questioning process
  • Document the causal structure of failures in a transparent way using the REASON® RCA process tree
  • Identify and order facts, at appropriate points in time, along a timeline
  • Identify root causes using a consistent systemic and individual control model
  • Identify the corrective action steps required for organisational control that mitigates the risk of repeat failure
  • Document progress reports, that include the identification of how lines of investigation are being progressed
  • Document comprehensive causal analysis reports that include defendable corrective action recommendations

May 2018 Webinar Training Session

Australia Dates: 11-13-Sep 2018 + Open Coaching 21 Sep 2018

Time: Sydney 12 Midday |

US Dates: 10-12 Sep 2018 + Open Coaching 20 Sep 2018

Time:  Los Angeles 5 PM | New York 8PM

Duration: Each Webinar Session is 2.5 hr
Follow-up Coaching Session: 1-hr

Location:  Online via platform
eMail Invites will be sent one week prior to the Webinar


Who should undertake this training

  • Incident, accident and failure investigation team members.
  • Managers responsible for performance improvement and implementing corrective action plans for prevention of repeat failures.


There are no pre-requisites for this training

REASON® Pro Software Trial Activation

You will receive a one-month free trial of the REASON® Pro software.  This free trial will be activated on the first day of the Webinar training.  You will have access to the REASON®  Pro software in the week between the Webinar Training and the post-training coaching session, it will be useful for you to use the REASON® Pro software trial to practice Case Study application activities provided at the end of the REASON® Pro Webinar Training.

If you would like to explore enterprise or team access to this training please call, email or connect via our online contact form.


After you have participated in the activities during this training you will be emailed a REASON® Pro Analyst Certificate.  Please ensure your name is set up in your registration the way you would like it to appear on your REASON® Pro Root Cause Analysis Analyst Certification.

Course Downloads 

  • 200-page Manual & Workbook

  • Event Ticket

After purchase, you will have immediate download access to the 200-page REASON® Pro Root Cause Analysis Methodology Manual.

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All purchase amounts are in USD.